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Intimate and Rustic Wedding Highlight Film at Rock Island Lake Club by From Here I Stand
A wedding is meant to be a celebration. An epic once-in-a-lifetime merriment to celebrate the love you and your betterhalf share among those you love most.Kayla and Aaron's wedding (remember their fab. love story from last week?) may have featured some of the prettiest rustic details to date, but what we love most is the fun that was had by all during the reception atRock Island Lake Club. Today we're relivingthese love bird'soh-so-pretty soiree, but this time through their wedding highligh...
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Love, Laughter, & Happily Ever After
Five Steps to Writing a Memorable Wedding Toast

By Meghan Chalfant

    While the bride and groom may be weak in the knees as they see each other for the first time as she walks down the aisle, the best man and maid of honor (MOH) may be just as anxious, but of course for a different reason. Although these roles boast key responsibilities, including toasting to the newlyweds, the best man and MOH have the opportunity to give a memorable speech that can warm the room when done right. So, before you become tongue-tied, avoid awkward moments and prepare an eloquent and heartfelt toast with these five steps to writing a memorable wedding toast. Here’s to raising your glass and creating an unforgettable moment that the new Mr. and Mrs. are sure to appreciate.

Contemporary Bride Wedding Toast Inspirations

Photo by KSS Photography

1. Begin early. Waiting until the last minute or “winging it” the day of is a cause for alarm. There’s a chance that you will not only embarrass yourself, but also make those around you feel awkward with long periods of silence if you’re not sure what to say. Take the time to write something special; after all, they’re either family or your best friends. This is the time to show how much you care about them.

2. Write down your thoughts and make sure all ideas flow together. Keeping your toast short will maintain your guests’ interest. Like all written assignments, your speech should include an introduction, middle, and conclusion. Begin by introducing yourself and how you know the couple. (Remember, not everyone will know who you are, other than the fact that you’re part of the bridal party due to your wedding attire.) Don’t forget to thank the people hosting the celebration.

Wedding Toasts

Photo by The Studio Photographers

3. Include personal anecdotes. These should include stories that reflect good times and that everyone can relate to. Leave out accounts of old romances or tales that have the potential to humiliate the guests of honor, and omit inside jokes that will leave guests lost. You would hate for “crickets” to fill the air rather than the laughs you hoped for.

4. Address the bride and groom. Be sure to wish the newlyweds well and a happy future together. Incorporate personal advice or a quote from literature, song lyrics, or a poem.  Conclude your speech with the final gesture of asking guests to raise their glasses to toast to the couple.

5. Speak confidently. Rehearsing out loud and knowing your content will allow you to communicate your thoughts more clearly without having to read straight from your paper.

Wedding Toasts

Photo by Stark Studio

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