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Channel Club
Dream Weddings by the Waterfront!

1 Channel Drive
Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750

Enjoy your once in a lifetime celebration in a one of a kind setting…

Your wedding celebration will be a day you and your guests will remember for many years to come. The Channel Club provides a breathtaking backdrop for this special day.

Beginning with your cocktail hour in our waterfront Regency Room, with glass atrium and continuing with a gorgeous reception, of up to 250 guests, in our Terrace Room featuring huge windows on three sides overlooking the water and evening sunsets.

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Name : Jovita Jovita
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Name : Supritha Supritha
Rating :

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Name : Kunprim Kunprim
Rating :

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Name : Sylvie Sylvie
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Name : Debra Debra
Rating :

Comment : Melissa V. - The pictures wow! The mehotr of the bride didn't have to cry at the wedding because her good friend took care of that job for her . The wedding was beautiful the bride, even more so! Christian and Allen, I pray that God will pour out His richest blessings on your marriage, that He will multiply your love for each other, that He will grant you a lifetime of joy. My advice remember that love is an action, not a feeling. And remember God chose each of you for the other, so cherish each other! http://syhdhwtmwq.com [url=http://ywnvqbwni.com]ywnvqbwni[/url] [link=http://ksbubcioss.com]ksbubcioss[/link]

Name : Marilyn Marilyn
Rating :

Comment : God bless you Elaine and all our other diesalbd Vets. I am also diesalbd (60%) for hearing lose. People look at me and say “YOU diesalbd?” Sorry, but yes. Having to listen to the afterburners of F4’skick in, it was a kick in the %$%$%. Not one word in the State of the Union address about vets. I want EVERYONE to look in the mirror and ask “HOW IS THIS GOING TO HELP ME?” I bet 80 % will say no way. I still lost my job, my house and will probably lose my wife and family. VOTE ACCORDINGLY

Name : Alvaro Alvaro
Rating :

Comment : Laura MariskiDecember 13, 2012 at 2:21 pm We environmentalists are not fake! The gas inestetrs have tons of money to pay off landowners whose water has been fouled and neighbors gotten sick so the rest of the public can never find out what is REALLY happening around this country.! What we need are a independent health and environmental studies to learn the truth. Clean water is more valuable than the gas which is leaving our shores anyway to go to the highest bidders. Just because you have tons of money doesn't mean you can lie. Lying is not free speech!

Name : Dilek Dilek
Rating :

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Name : Muktar Muktar
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Name : Pangga Pangga
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Name : Cinthia Cinthia
Rating :

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Name : Chamae Chamae
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Name : Mimi Mimi
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Comment : You do beautiful work, I just loved the prituces you took of my grand-kids. I can;t wait to see all of the prituces. Shannon keep up the great work. Nichole I know is very proud of the photo's Thanks http://nmgnzoynn.com [url=http://uizzeo.com]uizzeo[/url] [link=http://eihljq.com]eihljq[/link]

Name : Pelle Pelle
Rating :

Comment : Daria Mathieu Raines I am so happy for you,I can see the love all over your page ! So sorry I can't be there but Aunt Mildred and cousin Naomi & Charlene will be fromsure. Oh Ronnie I am taking you up on the dinner once you and Daniela get settled in. I can't wait for you to see all the cousins, and for Daniela to meet them. May the Lord richly bless you as you step into the most beautiful relationship under His covering. I pray that you have a wonderful wedding celebration, and enjoy each other on your special day ! Love, cousin Daria

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